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I paint landscapes because they are the quickest way for me to express the elegant balance of nature and life. As an artist interpreting a scene I am in the eye of the storm stopping a moment in time for you to see the depth, intensity, and beauty of our world from a vantage you may never have access to. In many ways making art is my longing to travel to and protect the natural world I love so much.

At this time, I like oils or pastels best because the pigments made of earth elements blend, float, and adhere to the surface in simile to the natural world. Using arabesque lines, loose brush strokes, and organic, moody, and vivid colors—my work should be recognized as feeling and abstraction more than rendered details. I win if you, recognize the wild and unpredictable design elements in nature as poignant symbols of the contrast in life, and come back to look at it like poetry.

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