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Painting naturally.

Art has always been a part of my life. My parents met in art school and raised me with a high regard for nature, art, color and shapes. In 2014 my focus shifted from commercial art, back to oil painting and fine art.

After 30+ years as a corporate art director, I'm now drawn to create art that rests the eye and illuminates the poetry of nature. I enjoy painting from life as well as studio painting, working fast and loose with emphasis on feeling and emotion versus realism. I delight in interesting shapes and intense colors hinting form and light. My inspiration is the wild and unpredictable nuance of natural landscape, and life.

I photograph all of my subjects, as well as sketch them in marker, pastel and occasionally paint plein air studies. Some of my work is painted on archival quality french-milled oil paper. Others are painted on canvas or canvas board. 


I am currently looking for complimentary venues or opportunites to show my work to those who yearn to look into wild views.



My art education includes studies at Syracuse University, Parson's School of Design, The Colorado Institute of Art and The Art Student's League of Denver. I am currently studying with Doug Dawson and Clyde Steadman.

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