Paintings to rest the eye on.

Art has always been a part of my life. My parents met in art school and I was raised with a high regard for the poetry of beautiful things that are visual, sensual and colorful. As I've gotten older it has become a primal urge to express my unique sense of space with others.

After 30+ years as a corporate art designer and creative director, I've come to regret my contributions to advertising and visual noise. Today I am on a course to make amends by painting art that rests the eye and illuminates wild overlooked beauty. I enjoy painting from life as well as studio painting, working fast and loose with emphasis on feeling and emotion versus realism. Are not our perceptions of light and form more memorable than the details of a particular landscape? 

I photograph all of my subjects, as well as sketch and paint pleine air. Some of my work is painted on french milled oil paper mounted to wood. Others are painted on canvas or canvas board. I delight in unpredictable shapes and intense colors hinting form. My inspiration is the allure of deep distance, woven streams of light and moody color.


I am currently looking for complimentary venues to show my work to those who yearn to look at wild places.




My art education includes studies at Syracuse University, Parson's School of Design, The Colorado Institute of Art and The Art Student's League of Denver. I am currently studying with Doug Dawson.


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